No Forgotten Kids is supporting several projects designed to reduce the cost of education dramatically. Our principal site of operations is Haiti. Successful strategies can be used as a template in other countries and regions, even places in the US, but especially those countries with large indigenous populations speaking isolated languages - written and unwritten, where textbooks and translations are virtually non-existent.

e-Learning Research and Development
e-Learning is everywhere, the wave of the future - or so it's been said. After all, common sense tells you that If students can learn 80% of their lessons via computers and smartphones, teaching costs can drop significantly.
Despite the widespread and growing use of e-Learning and considerable research, we have been unable to discover any e-Learning materials in Haiti.

Classroom/Lab Construction
No Forgotten Kids has partnered with two Haitian organizations, one in the North, one in the South. With their assistance, we have provided 100% of the funding for the construction of one school and the renovation of two others. We provided 20 computers- configured, tested and installed at each location, with capacity for 100 more at each location- once proof of concept has been established.

Haiti’s Best Teaching Haiti’s Least
We are searching across the country working with educators, students, principals, and other stake holders and major participants in the Haitian education system to find great teachers. Candidates will be required to have 5-7 years of experience, an undergraduate degree in education, recommendations from fellow teachers and students, and sample lessons or materials created by the candidate. Semi-finalists will be interviewed and winners selected by vote of a national panel.
Winners will receive a cash prize and agree to allow every lesson for a school year recorded, edited, copied, and distributed around the country.
Once winners have been selected they will agree to the use of a single dictionary to introduce uniformity in education.

Success should breed copycats. That’s a good thing. We are hoping other teachers and companies will decide to develop their own e-learning programs.

Haiti Pilot Program