Our Story

No Forgotten Kids is the outgrowth of Global Impact Volunteer Expeditions (GIVE), an organization set up by kids with the help of the Frank Shooster family dedicated to relief and education missions in the developing world. GIVE volunteers (aged 9-17), have delivered medical supplies to Guatemala, school supplies to Peru, and clothing to Haiti.

Each volunteer was tasked in arranging meetings with government agencies, health providers, village leaders, journalists, educators, orphanage operators, business leaders and more.

Their success in coordinating these missions and meeting leaders involved in the fight against poverty taught them a life lesson bigger than any one mission: you don't need to be an adult to have gigantic dreams and achieve them.

Just after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, No Forgotten Kids was formed to focus on just one of the many challenges of escaping the cycle of extreme poverty discovered by GIVE volunteers: illiteracy.

Illiteracy is the prison wall that condemns everyone behind it to a life of hard labor. With labor competition fierce, it is only by developing marketable skills that children can escape.

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