Haiti Program Progress


We've accomplished much, but with your help, can achieve so much more ...


Construction of a three-classroom school in Cap Haitien.
Reconstruction of two classrooms in poor condition, with the addition of electrical wiring in Port Au Prince.
40 PCs and laptops at each school primarily donated by Global Response Corp.
Two fully equipped learning labs.
Chairs, desks and workstations cabled and powered at each site.
Construction of a kitchen with all necessary appliances to meet sanitation codes and qualify for food aid.
Feeding 100 kids per day over 26 weeks, as a food bridge to obtain temporary food aid.
Securing volunteer help in Haiti from two organizations, with long-standing help from agronomists, architects, economists, educators, health care workers , social work, architects, attorneys, technicians, construction workers, cooks, and dishwashers.
Coordinating and sponsoring Haiti's Best for Haiti's Least, a nationwide contest to select Haiti's best primary grade teachers.

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