Haiti Pilot Program

Haiti is a textbook example of illiteracy. It is a country with the least educated population in the Americas, and also the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. According to UN figures

  • 50% of Haitian children are illiterate
  • 4,000,000 people cannot read or write (in a country of 12,000.000)

The earthquake destroyed 90% of the nation's school system.

Haiti already had 200,000 orphans, meaning a half a million children were now roaming the streets looking for food and shelter.

Most schools have been rebuilt, but only back to pre-earthquake conditions which were already dismal. Children beg, steal or trade their bodies for food and shelter, and when that fails, they wade through garbage, eat mud cakes or go hungry. They sleep in makeshift homes barely capable of surviving a tropical storm let alone a Cat 1 Hurricane.

In Haiti, education is free and compulsory according to its constitution, but there are enough schools for only 20%, and those are usually taught by teachers barely educated themselves.

The so-called middle class, about 10 percent of the population, go to private schools paying about $400to $500 per year and up. The elite often send their children to private boarding academies in the US, Canada, the Dominican Republic and France.

Teachers can earn as little as $8.00 per day - not per HOUR - per day. Well trained experienced teachers will typically earn $10 per day.In a country where per capita income is $1.25 per day, $10 is huge, but nowhere near enough to live a middle class lifestyle.

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